Duluth Weather…hard to predict

As most Minnesotans know all too well, the weather can be pretty unpredictable! In no other place is that more true than Duluth. We are so fortunate to live and play at the foot of the largest lake in North America, though that icy, deep blue water is not only a breathtaking backdrop but it also has a tremendous impact on the weather. We often find ourselves hearing the weather report talking about rain and thunderstorms headed our way, only to enjoy sunshine all day. On other days, an expected sunny, summery day can turn rainy and even foggy with just a subtle change in the wind. As those much wiser often say, “we’ll know what the weather will do when it happens.”

Here at Spirit Mountain, our attractions and facilities operate safely through most weather conditions that we experience here in Duluth, although there are a few exceptions. In the case of thunderstorm and electrical storm activity, for our guest’s and staff’s safety, all of our attractions suspend operations. Rain-only events, however, pose operational challenges, but in most cases won’t close us down entirely. During high ambient moisture events, the Zipline cables become saturated with water causing them to become too slippery for the equipment to function safely and properly. During and after rain events we carefully monitor and evaluate the condition of the cables and run many test cycles prior to reopening our Zipline for our guests. Often we just have to allow adequate time for the cables to properly dry. Additionally, the Jumping Pillow can not operate while the surface is wet.  On our Alpine Coaster, however, rain doesn’t stop the fun! Although, much like driving a car on a wet road, riders must allow lots of extra space and stopping distance when on wet rails. As with all mountain biking trails, rain is not our friend. Muddy and soft conditions ruin the trails and also pose a safety hazard. Bike trails close during and following rain events to allow things to dry up. We do, however, have a few tricks up our sleeve to get trails dry and rideable faster than mother-nature alone!

All-in-all we make every effort to minimize impact that the ever-changing weather conditions present during our times of operation. We try to plan ahead and give our guests the most notice possible of weather events in the forecast and possible operational impacts. Although, that being stated, we like to remind everyone that nobody knows what will happen until it happens! Especially thanks to our unique Duluth climate! Don’t let the forecast keep you from visiting us this summer!



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